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His way, not my way

by Michael Banker

In 2019 just months before we left Beijing, we met Stone, a Christian Chinese sister and professional counselor. We sat down next to her during a church service and God prompted me (Mike) to talk to her about PR, but I ignored it. God prompted me again and I ignored it again. So, God prompted me a third time and finally I obeyed, saying “I don’t know why, but I’m supposed to talk to you about what I do, Prayer Resolution.” Stone explained that she was a counselor and had been praying about how to help believers. Well, Stone joined the last class I taught in Beijing, a group of eight people that met in our living room. We were only able to do one session with her before we left, but others helped her and she finished online.

Now fast forward! Just a few years later, she has formed a team called Stone and Associates that are doing sessions with believers using PR and training others in PR. Enjoy the testimonies from their first fruit!


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