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A space for the kingdom of darkness

April 12, 2023

Her mother hated her marriage, so she told her daughter that she should be a monk because “marriage was meaningless.” Her mother took her to the temple where she offered…

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Dirty Kiss

June 22, 2022

She was six years old and her uncle kissed her on the lips. After this, she felt she had to hide herself. She told her parents and her dad promised…

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His way, not my way

June 1, 2022

by Michael Banker In 2019 just months before we left Beijing, we met Stone, a Christian Chinese sister and professional counselor. We sat down next to her during a church…

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Life of a Sparrow

June 1, 2022

by Michael Banker Little one, what will you eat? Whatever he gives me.Little one, where will you sleep? Wherever he brings me.Little one, but where is your barn? In heaven…

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June 1, 2022

麦克 邦可 小生灵,你要吃什么? 祂所赐予的食物小生灵,你要在哪里睡觉? 祂已铺好的某个角落小生灵,但你的谷仓在哪里? 当然是在天堂啦小生灵,你焦虑忧心吗? 焦虑啥? 不会,我的天父爱我

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Unseen but Accepted

May 12, 2022

As a child, she deeply longed for words of affirmation, acceptance and respect. She was very obedient but she didn’t get any words like these from her parents, her relatives,…

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