PR Community


A place to have live conversations with other PR people.

A SAFE PLACE to connect with others who get it

As a safe helper, you can find peers to share your experience, find co-workers, find someone to call when you get stuck, or find someone to pray and care for you.

As a teacher, you can find fellow teachers to share your experience, find co-teachers, receive feedback, and develop your skills.

All Friends of Prayer Resolution have a place to find ways to help Prayer Resolution grow in a healthy way, to use your gifts and contribute your time to organize, coordinate, create, review and edit materials, pray, care and encourage, and get our message out to the world.


Members of the private PR community can converse online at Clubhouse is an audio-only phone-based app for 1:1 and group conversations. There is no cost, no ads, no tracking, no recording, no transcripts. Submit this form and we'll send you an invitation to join.