Let God Resolve


A how-to process that helps everyday believers experience resolution by going directly to God in prayer

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make the past

Powerless Now

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live a

Full Life

A lot of believers feel like they are just doing it wrong.

You have mountains of sermons, Bible studies, devotions, counseling, marriage classes, and books, but you aren't experiencing God's daily presence and his active resolution in your life. You've heard "leave it at the cross." but you don't know what it means and how to do it.

Prayer Resolution is the how-to-steps so God can resolve the hurts and the lies that are hindering believers from having a full life.


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    We Talk

    We talk enough to understand what it is that we need to pray about.

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    You Pray

    We teach you how to bring your hurts directly to God in a way that you feel heard by God.

  • 3

    God responds

    You experience God's response, you feel his peace, and a fellow believer acknowledges it. 

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    You Experience Resolution

    Relationships become more meaningful, life more satisfying, and your witness more effective.

She was only 17 and a believer just six months. On the first day at a new school, a man pretended to be a teacher but kidnapped her and raped her. She escaped but still was in bondage. She felt dirty but showers wouldn’t wash it away. And in her soul she felt tied to…

Whole Again

It was the first time she came to my PR class on Forgivenes, the first time she heard me tell the story of the wasteful (prodigal) son: There was a father and he had two sons and the younger son asked his father for his inheritance and then wasted it all on loose living. After it…

Honor Restored

She came to class with sunglasses on. She was a believer and she was depressed. Her mother was a doctor and prescribed anti-depressant medication, so now her daughter’s eyes were sensitive to light. After she attended five of the PR classes, she became aware of something that had happened and contributed to her depression, so…

Out of Darkness

She said, “My father was critical of everything. He was very picky. It was better if I didn’t say or do anything. I wanted to be close to him but whenever I was close I got hurt. He had a bad attitude toward me, so I was always nervous around him. One day, I slammed…

There’s something terribly wrong with me….

Before my experience with Prayer Resolution these verses were not true for me. It was a reality I hungered for but it eluded me. The fact that I did all I could to grasp it only contributed to my sense of despair. I had made a decision to go all the way with Christ yet…

Passivity Broken

I have suffered so much guilt over the years for my sexual sins and didn’t know there was a way to resolve them. PR helped me do this. I really am FORGIVEN, CLEANSED AND FREE.

Forgiven, cleansed, and free.

Prayer Resolution Helps Believers
RESOLVE Two Types of Issues

Rocks & Weeds Video


Harmful things we did or others did to us. And harm from what should have been done but wasn't. These rocks don’t give us life but we don’t know how to get rid of them. Prayer Resolution shows us the way to remove them in a way that incorporates both justice and forgiveness.


Our weeds don’t give us life either, but sometimes we think they can. They are the lies we believe that distort what we see. Prayer Resolution shows us the steps we can take to get rid of them and replace them with truth.


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It's Not

Self Help

Prayer Resolution is built on the idea that “where two or more are gathered, there I am with them”. Is not a “self-help” tool, and is meant to be used by everyday believers to help one another.

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It's Not

Talk Therapy

Talk is important, but not enough to bring permanent results. We talk so that we know what to pray. There is a place for counseling, therapy, and even medication, but we need God’s response to prayer to bring lasting resolution.

So, Prayer Resolution is an addition NOT a substitution for other methods of care or ministry

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It's Not

"Magic Words"

God doesn’t act because you use special words or phrases. In the Prayer Resolution process, we use our minds, our emotions, and the discussion to understand what we’ve experienced, so we can talk to God, in a meaningful, authentic and complete way.

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An act of mercy and key to answered prayer

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About Prayer Resolution

By Cross Resources

Prayer Resolution is a tool and process developed by Richard and Connie Smith (founders of Cross Resources) to help believers bring their unresolved issues to God in a way that they can see God work, and experience resolution.

Prayer Resolution has been taught on 6 continents in 12 different languages. Books and resources are available in English, Chinese, Mongolian, German, and Spanish.