Volunteer Project E012

We need a volunteer to conduct online video interviews, introducing 3 Safe Helpers to the PR Community. The editing can be done by someone else.

Volunteer Project E011

We need a volunteer, a professional to design a logo for Cross Resources, the company behind Prayer Resolution.

Volunteer Project E005

We need a volunteer to create 12 cards for Instagram by putting an image and a short testimonial text together.

Volunteer Project E004

We need a volunteer to edit 12 hours of audio recordings of Richard and Connie teaching 6 topics from the PR course. These are the only recordings of them teaching that we have and the audio quality is low.

Volunteer Project C004

We need a volunteer to translate 12 English blog posts into Chinese.

Volunteer Project C002

Volunteer needed to translate 3 of Connie’s Pearls transcripts from English into Chinese. The transcripts are already edited to be reader ready.

Volunteer Project C001

We need a volunteer to edit a video interview of Connie that is in English and translated to Mandarin. It will be posted on our website when it’s finished.






√ Volunteer Project E006

We need a volunteer to organize the PR Facebook account. For most of the friends of PR, FB is the easiest way to share things about PR with their friends and family

√ Volunteer Project E003

We need a volunteer to edit 12 short transcripts while listening to it’s respective audio recording (3-12 minutes each in , the web-based software we use to automatically transcribe audio.

√ Volunteer Project E002

Volunteer needed to interview 7 people (30 minutes each) that asked for training through the website in the past 6 months.

√ Volunteer Project E001

Volunteer needed to interview 6 people (30 minutes each) that asked for sessions on the website in March.