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April 29, 2024

A sister gave me permission to share this delightful story with you. -Mike Banker 2024 Her family had put their hope for protection and healing in Tibetan Buddhist Llamas for…

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Sent Away by Violence

December 13, 2023

God says (through Paul) that wives either should not leave their husbands or not remarry if they do leave and to be reconciled if possible. During Bible times, it was…

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Sent Away by Treachery

December 4, 2023

Moses permitted men to divorce for “any indecency,” which was commonly understood by men to mean that they could divorce for any reason if they were not satisfied. Moses permitted…

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November 14, 2023

THE PLACE OF THE BIBLE I recently was reading a book on the foundational basis for our Christian walk. In it the author states that we should emphasize the New…

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Sent Away for Believing

November 13, 2023

In the Old Testament, a Jew had to marry a Jew, otherwise the children were spiritually unclean, so they could not enter the temple nor could the next two generations.…

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Sent Away by Sexual Immorality

November 6, 2023

Men’s or women’s hearts were still hard in Jesus’ day like in Moses’ day, but Jesus made it clear that divorce by the husband is only justified before God when…

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