Find someone to help you use Prayer Resolution for your own life.

How to Find Someone to Do

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Contact the

You need to have a good match and the coordinator can help. They know the helpers and will get to know you. They will suggest a few helpers for you to meet before you decide.

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A Helper

Interview the helpers. Get to know them and talk about schedule, cost and payment.  Take time to pray about it, then let the coordinator know your choice.

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Everyone has a list and it can be finished, usually in 30-90 hours of sessions (sometimes more) over a period of weeks or months, not years depending on schedules.

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"...when you say 'It’s no big deal,' then there’s nothing to forgive. And if there’s nothing to forgive then how come I still have bitterness, resentment, and all those things inside?"

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Price and Payment

Prayer Resolution costs the helpers 30-90 hours of their time and effort to go through someone’s entire life. Some charge a fee and others receive donations for their time and effort. So, talk to your helper and if you aren’t able pay it all, ask for a payment plan, or a scholarship if you need one.


Associates and Employees of Cross Resources receive donations for their time and effort. They also expect you to pay any travel expenses they incur while helping you, including translation, transportation, lodging, and food. 

Personal Sessions $20/hour
(recommended minimum)

Everyone has a list and it can be finished, usually in 30-90 hours of sessions (sometimes more) over a period of weeks or months, not years depending on schedules.

Send your donations to Cross Resources in your helper’s name.


Most Helpers we train and recommend are not employed by Cross Resources, so their organization decides the price for training and sessions. 

They are our partners in Prayer Resolution, highly respected co-laborers of the gospel. This is how they make a living, so just like everyone else they are worthy of wages, whether they charge a fee or receive donations for their time and effort.  

Talk to your helper about cost and payment.

What you can expect in

How many sessions?

How long will the whole process take?

Do I need to be a Christian?

Everyone has a list of things that need to be resolved and every list is different. Some lists are short and some are long, but none is infinite. A short list is 30 hours, an average is 60 hours, and a long one is more than 100 hours. Your helper and co-helper will go through your list, topic-by-topic until the whole list is finished.

Some people do their sessions in a very short amount of time, others schedule them over several months. You can finish your list in weeks or months (not years).

You are the one that prays to God, so you need to have a relationship with God before you start your sessions. You need faith but only the size of a mustard seed to begin.

Who will be in the session?

How long is a session?

Who else will know what we talk about?

There will be three people in your sessions. You, your helper, and an observer or another safe helper that you both agree on.

We want to resolve things on the same day we discuss them when possible. Our experience says a 3-hour session is usually enough. If we don’t finish the same day, we pray and ask God to cover us until it’s resolved.

Those in the session agree not to share what you talked about with anyone outside the session without your approval.

Before my experience with Prayer Resolution these verses were not true for me. It was a reality I hungered for but it eluded me. The fact that I did all I could to grasp it only contributed to my sense of despair. I had made a decision to go all the way with Christ yet…

Passivity Broken

I have suffered so much guilt over the years for my sexual sins and didn’t know there was a way to resolve them. PR helped me do this. I really am FORGIVEN, CLEANSED AND FREE.

Forgiven, cleansed, and free.

What I thought to be a normal way of a young man struggling with impure thoughts, happened to be the result of early age sins that I committed. When the sexual sins were confessed, forgiven, cleansed and broken of power- 10 years of a daily battle for sexual purity then became a daily victory of…

Daily battle now daily victory

I want to express what I have personally experienced as a result of the prayer resolution session and from applying some of the basic principles to my life. I am finding that a number of things took place that seem to be lasting and even growing: I am freer from guilt and shame than I…

Thorough and lasting

In 2003, we were going to divorce, but Richard and Connie worked with God to restore us to wholeness using PR. Patiently, they sat with my wife every morning and with me every afternoon for three hours, day after day, month after month, respectfully listening to our stories and gently helping us to pray, so…

No one had ever loved me this much

One woman we worked with started of her two weeks with unable to focus and often did not complete sentences well. She had a history of a hospitalization for mental health related issues. Occasionally, this woman would also manifest a demon within the sessions. Bob and I held a brief conference in the another room…

Spirit of confusion gone


Thank you for your interest in Prayer Resolution. We would like to talk with you by phone or by Zoom within a few days, so please provide the following information: