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Prayer Resolution

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Get a trainer. Watching videos, and discussing PR are good-but-not-enough to really know PR. You need to experience it to know it. You need to receive personal sessions. You need to observe your trainer and co-help in sessions. And later when you start giving sessions, you can talk to your trainer if you get stuck.

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Enter the

PR Cycle 1
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    Watch the video to get familiar with the topic.

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    Discuss it online to better understand.

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    Receive, observe, or co-work in a session to really know it.

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You finished your training cycles and your personal sessions. Now you want to help others, but how do you get started?

Free Introduction To Prayer Resolution

Forgiveness Training

There is no fee for the Forgiveness topic. It is the first topic of 10 topics we cover in the full training. We offer it as a way to give Prayer Resolution a try before you get connected to a trainer or helper, and invest in the full training.

1. Watch: Forgiveness

What is forgiveness and how do you do it?

2. Discuss: Forgiveness

Join a group to discuss questions like: what if you can’t forgive? What if you can’t forgive yourself

3. Experience: Forgiveness

Watching a video and discussing it are good-but-not-enough to really know Forgiveness. You need to experience it to know it.

The [church] intern supervisor encouraged all of the interns to attend the longer monthly PR teaching, instructing them that they can miss any of their regular duties in order to attend any upcoming class!! This is a HUGE offer as our multi-site Sunday services are logistically dependent on intern participation. In other words, they value…

Set apart for healing and wholeness

The Smiths took me through PR 12 years ago and have trained me also so I have been able to take others (in the US as well as overseas) through the process, thus I have had privileges to see issues in individuals’ lives completely resolved and lives miraculously transformed through God’s work as the person…

Privileged to see miraculous resolution

Prayer Resolution is so valuable to me. To hear about changes in the lives of people I have come to love and care about. These hurting ones do me the honor of trusting me to go through the most painful areas of their life with them, trusting that I will not condemn or abandon them.…

Amazing daily life

I have been using the PR tool and working as a Safe Other since June of last year. This January, I was talking to God about how awesome it is to see him work in PR and wistfully said to him “If there is a way to do PR full time, I’d love to do…

He said “Ok.”

Today, I worked at the rehab center for half the day. I started to work with a 26-year old with whom is really not that much wrong, other than that he made messes in his life, and also deals with some real, heavy stuff that his wife is adding to the marriage which among other…

He really heard the gospel today….

We are almost always working with one-or-two people with Prayer Resolution. I am also currently doing Prayer Resolution with a very key leader in India – we meet when I was in Delhi 3-5 times a year. [Even in the States] Most often we work with church leaders and church planters who have gone through…

Leaders still seeking peace

Price and Payment

Prayer Resolution costs the helpers 30-90 hours of their time and effort to go through someone’s entire life. It costs them 30-45 hours to train someone to be a helper. Some charge a fee and others receive donations for their time and effort. So, talk to your helper and if you aren’t able pay it all, ask for a payment plan, or a scholarship if you need one.


Associates and Employees of Cross Resources receive donations for their time and effort. They also expect you to pay any travel expenses they incur while helping you, including translation, transportation, lodging, and food. 

Full Training $600
(recommended minimum)


  • 20 hours of video
  • 20 hours of group discussion
  • 20 hours of sessions (observe or co-work)

Personal Sessions $20/hour
(recommended minimum)

Everyone has a list and it can be finished, usually in 30-90 hours of sessions (sometimes more) over a period of weeks or months, not years depending on schedules.

Send your donations to Cross Resources in your helper’s name.


Most Helpers we train and recommend are not employed by Cross Resources, so their organization decides the price for training and sessions. 

They are our partners in Prayer Resolution, highly respected co-laborers of the gospel. This is how they make a living, so just like everyone else they are worthy of wages, whether they charge a fee or receive donations for their time and effort.  

Talk to your helper-trainer about cost and payment.


The Forgiveness Training is a really good start, but not enough to fully resolve many issues.
Get a trainer and go through the other 8 training cycles;

Prayer Resolution Training Happens in CYCLES

PR Cycle 1

1 Giving and Receiving Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an act of mercy and a key to answered prayer. It is important to discuss our pain and hurt but it is not sufficient. We need to pray clearly and ask specifically for God’s intervention. Although many things can help us cope and survive, His response to our prayer brings permanent healing and resolution to our problems. 

2 Consequences of Sexual Sin

God made us sexual beings. There are always spiritual and emotional consequences to sexual acts and often there are physical consequences as well. We claim our sexual partner as our own and then spiritual, emotional and physical bonds are formed. We become spiritually and emotionally defiled from any sexual act outside marriage. Only God can break the bond and cleanse us from the defilement in response to prayer. 

3 Words of Power


Words have the power to build up or to tear down. When we accept hurtful words or judgments spoken by those we love or respect they can destroy us. Vows and dedications can also have great power for our good or for our destruction. God’s response to our prayer can break the power of words and bring resolution. 

4 Cursed by Association & Participation

We can become cursed through participation or through association with those who participate in forbidden activities. We may need to confess our participation and renounce any association  before the curse and its consequences in our life can be completely removed. Only God's response to our prayer can remove the curse and its consequences.

5 Rebellion & Authority Issues

God  established an order for relationships. Sometimes if we are deeply hurt, we may rebel against the authorities in our life, even against God himself. This is not God’s way of responding to injustice or unfairness. Sometimes the authority themself is in rebellion against God. He has provided a way through prayer for us to be restored from the harm we’ve caused and the harm others have caused us. We will look more closely at two of the most important relationships, husband-wife and parent-child.

6 Chained through Lies


Sometimes, when we get hurt we also accept destructive beliefs (lies) about ourselves, others, and even God. God is the Father of truths and has provided a way for us to get rid of these lies and to replace them with truth. By partnering with God we can walk out of the dark, away from the lies and live in the light, in the truth.

7 Worthiness - Part 1

How we see ourselves has a big effect on our lives and on those around us. What does a healthy self-esteem look like? How does God see us? How should we be affected by others? How does someone with a good self-image behave? How do they treat themselves and others?


8 Worthiness - Part 2

Not everyone has a good self-image. How does someone with low self-esteem behave? How do they treat themselves and others? How do you build self-esteem or restore someone's self-esteem if it has been damaged? God's response to prayer can restore a proper self-image, which we can feed and nourish.


9 Reconciliation

Sometimes a good relationship goes bad. Something happens and goodwill becomes replaced by enmity. God has provided a model and a way for us to be reconciled if both parties do their part. It takes time to restore trust. Sometimes the enmity is gone and goodwill returns, but the relationship is limited in some way. Once forgiveness is complete, real reconciliation becomes possible. Come learn how to help others be reconciled when it’s possible and prudent.

10 Being a Safe Other

Not everyone is helpful and not everyone is safe. Learn how to be both safe and helpful. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit each have a role in restoration sessions. Learn how to involve the entire Godhead in the healing process and how to counter spiritual attack. We are part of the priesthood of believers and can add our power through prayer. Learn how to pray in agreement and as a witness to the wounded one’s prayer.

There are so many hurting people and each one has so many issues. Who should I help? Where do I start? How long will it take to resolve their issues? How will I know we are finished? What do they do next? Learn a thorough and systematic approach to identifying and working through a whole lifetime of issues, one by one. The following videos are included in this topic:

  1. The Story of Cross Resources
  2. The Beginnings of Prayer Resolution
  3. Introduction: An Addition not a Substitution
  4. The Death Laws
  5. The Priesthood of Believers
  6. The Participants of Prayer Resolution
  7. The Patterns of Prayer Resolution
  8. Prayer Resolution Techniques
  9. Making a Chronological Timeline
  10. The Issues Checklist
  11. Dealing with Family
  12. The After Effects of Prayer Resolution


Thank you for your interest in Prayer Resolution. We would like to talk with you by phone or by Zoom within a few days, so please provide the following information: