Daddy's Little Girl

Dirty Kiss

She was six years old and her uncle kissed her on the lips. After this, she felt she had to hide herself. She told her parents and her dad promised to do something about it but did nothing and her mother dismissed her feelings, saying “well at least your aunt and cousin are still friends.” Her uncle would stare at her and stroke her arm in front of his own wife and daughter and she felt disgusted, but helpless to do anything. He was free to do whatever he wanted and she was not safe and because her parents did nothing to protect her. She hated her uncle and after a few years she also hated herself. Because her parents did nothing she felt she couldn’t trust them anymore either. She had been a believer just a few months when she told her heavenly Father what happened. She was sobbing, finally letting it all out, but was unable to forgive her parents or her uncle. How could she trust Her heavenly Father to do justice for her, to collect the debt owed her? Where was He when all this happened? Her parents did nothing and neither did He. How could she trust Him to do justice for her and to heal her heart? She was tired of carrying the burden of this memory, but she just couldn’t forgive, couldn’t trust God for justice, hand it over to Him, so she was stuck. Gently, her safe helper told her that forgiveness was a choice, an act of faith. The safe helper asked her to remember how Abba Father had answered another prayer earlier, how He had comforted her, had quieted her heart and gave her peace. The safe helper said that she only needed the faith of a mustard seed, that her healing wasn’t dependent on how strong her faith was, but on how strong Abba Father was. The wounded one prayed and said I know you are just, but it is so hard for me to trust you. Finally, she asked Him to take the burden of her uncle and parents away from her heart and He did. Before she prayed her throat was tight, she felt she couldn’t breathe, but after she prayed she could breathe again, the burden was lifted, she was free. She started crying with joy, proclaimed that she forgave them, trusting God to deal with them and then praised Her Abba Father for His love towards her.

Mike Banker 2014


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