Passivity Broken

Before my experience with Prayer Resolution these verses were not true for me. It was a reality I hungered for but it eluded me. The fact that I did all I could to grasp it only contributed to my sense of despair. I had made a decision to go all the way with Christ yet ‘His yoke did not feel easy, nor His burden light.’ I had confessed, renounced, and forgiven with my will and yet I was haunted.

The process of Prayer Resolution has brought the freedom I so yearned for. After presenting to the Father the harm others had done to me as well as the harm I did to myself and others, I have been released from my past.

Breaking the ties of sexual sin has left me complete. I lived with an ache and longing that I could not explain. This void is no longer present. The ‘pieces’ of myself that were scattered about in ungodly relationships have been restored to me. The emptiness and loneliness have been replaced with my sense of identity. I am clean and whole.

A powerful witness occurred in my spirit when after PR I heard some music that was attached to a particularly toxic and painful period in my life. I was in a public place and caught off guard. I realized that this music was entirely neutral. I remembered the season but no negative or painful emotions followed. I sat and giggled delighted by this observation! The impact was stunning.

Since Prayer Resolution I believe that I am competent to handle life. I have a new sense of adventure. I am lighter and I have more energy. I am less self-conscious. I am accepting of who I am. The truths that the Father gave me to replace the lies I lived out of are marinating in my spirit. I have more joy! I look with anticipation to the future. My life feels purposeful.

The pattern of passivity in my life has been broken. While, for now, I must consciously continue to be diligent in this, I no longer defer to others at the expense of my peace. I have a new strength and certainty about the promptings of the Holy Spirit in my life. This is also broadening my intimacy with Him.


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