Thorough and lasting

I want to express what I have personally experienced as a result of the prayer resolution session and from applying some of the basic principles to my life. I am finding that a number of things took place that seem to be lasting and even growing:

  • I am freer from guilt and shame than I can remember being.
  • I am finding that many situations are no longer charged with emotion (such as anger or fear) as they once were. I am finding myself experiencing times of joy for no particular reason at all.
  • I am aware of a greater confidence that I am God’s boy.
  • I am looking toward my future with a greater faith in God’s blessing and less fear of the unknown.

Prayer Resolution is holistic and thorough recognizing the interrelatedness of wounds, lies, emotional baggage, and the power of sin. It addresses all areas of a person’s life from conception to the present, which results in far greater freedom than simply dealing with individual issues.


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