He said “Ok.”

I have been using the PR tool and working as a Safe Other since June of last year. This January, I was talking to God about how awesome it is to see him work in PR and wistfully said to him “If there is a way to do PR full time, I’d love to do it”. In my mind it was a fun dream, like winning the lotto, or getting a rainbow unicorn. But His response was immediate and uncomfortable: “Ok”. I kind of did a double take and asked him what he meant. He felt him respond again “Ok.” And then I felt something shift in the heavens – that uncomfortable shift of the God of all the universe starting to move things. About a month later, after several unsettling and undeniable encounters, I realized he was asking me to DO PR full time. I’ll spare you the details as this email already rivals a small novel. The end result: . . . I am looking to quit my full time job . . . next month to do PR full time!

My passion in life is to see the Kingdom of God come here on earth and to see the Bride of Christ become EVERYTHING she is created to be. To be whole, healthy, mature, and effective. Prayer resolution is one of the main ways I see God doing this. I am SO excited!!:)


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