Out of Darkness

She came to class with sunglasses on. She was a believer and she was depressed. Her mother was a doctor and prescribed anti-depressant medication, so now her daughter’s eyes were sensitive to light. After she attended five of the PR classes, she became aware of something that had happened and contributed to her depression, so she asked for some personal sessions. The depression began when her boyfriend dumped her for another girl. They had been very close to each other, she felt strongly tied to him even after he left. She had given herself to him sexually, so in her heart she felt they still belonged together. She knew that it was wrong to have sex outside of marriage, so she confessed her sin before her Heavenly Father and asked Him to forgive her. But first she accused her boyfriend because he wasn’t an innocent victim, he too was a willing participant, pressuring her to have sex, and then she forgave him, knowing God would do justice for her, his sin must be paid. There was a spiritual tie with him because of the sex, but it was an unholy tie because they weren’t married, so she asked her Heavenly Father to break the tie and to cleanse her from the unholy bond. She also asked God to bind up all the strong emotions she had for him, both the good ones and the bad ones, so that he would no longer feel special to her in any way. God did all that she asked because she had asked sincerely and with a contrite heart, extending forgiveness to her boyfriend and then in like manner receiving forgiveness. Christ’s blood was enough to provide forgiveness, to cleanse her, and to set her free. Christ’s blood was also enough for her boyfriend if he believed. She told her mom she didn’t need meds any more. It was hard for her mom to believe it, but she agreed to cut back her meds little by little and eventually she realized the depression really was gone and the meds weren’t necessary.

So then her mother came to PR classes and she too got help for her issues. God brought healing to her also. So, then her unbelieving husband came to see what had caused the changes, first in his daughter and then in his wife. He heard the same topics that they had heard and then three months later he too decided to become a believer and was baptized on Easter Sunday. PRAISE GOD!

Dear brothers and sisters, we must deal with the darkness in our hearts before our Heavenly Father. Someone’s eternal life depends on it. If we don’t resolve it, then we won’t shine brightly like our Father. We keep our light under a basket when we leave it unresolved. Please go deep, work with a safe helper to resolve any darkness, any unforgiveness, and any beliefs that distort reality that are in your own heart. We don’t need to force someone to believe, our life of faith in God should be irresistible to those around us and they will ask us.

-Mike Banker


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