Vivian’s Story

My father was an atheist and my mother was idol-worshipper. I did not care whether there was God, but I cared whether there was meaning in life. I tried very hard to win people’s approval, praise and even love by getting very high marks and achievement in school. Sometimes, I know I’m not perfect, but does it mean I’m not worthy of being loved?

In college, my good friend betrayed me and my boyfriend ignored my hurt. I fell asleep in tears every night, longing for someone to love me! Some Christians on campus told me that God loves me. What if He does exist? cares for me? knows me? I was hungry, so I prayed to become a Christian and I experienced joy and freedom I never had before. But I still struggled with emotional problems and lies from my past; anger, depression, judgmental thoughts, and negative thinking. At first I thought it was only because I did not love God enough, or read the Bible enough, so I tried harder and harder but it didn’t help . Through PR I was set free from my dysfunctional family background, the hurts I experienced, the hurtful words spoken to me and the destructive beliefs which blocked my journey with Christ. Now, I find the life is abundant as Christ promised and I’m willing to help those who are still trapped by their brokenness.

We are so thankful to God for what he has done in Xiao Hong’s life and for her faithful work as a Prayer Resolution translator for our classes and as a safe helper .


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